May 18, 2017

TIPS – Best Housekeeping Practices : Summer Jobs for your Maid while you are away

Did you know that we sweat liters of water, air and gasses on a nightly basis? Best way to refresh your duvet and pillow is to […]
October 17, 2016


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August 25, 2016

Domestic Workers Employment Contract

These are all extracts from the: Employment Agreement for Domestic Workers and Sponsors ( dated 12th June 2014) Notes: First Party= The Sponsor; Second Party= Foreign Domestic Worker The Second Article: ( organizing work and vacations) 2. The second party shall be given one month paid vacation after contract completion. The second party may opt for a salary of one month in lieu of the month vacation, in addition the value of one return ticket to home country. The Third Article ( Travel Tickets) 1. Upon expiry of the contract without renewal, the first party must pay for the second party return to home country 2.Upon renewal of contract, should the second party opt fore the one months vacation, the first party must provide the second party a return ticket to home country. The Seventh Article ( The Health Care) 1. The first party is obligated to provide treatment and health care for the second party. The Ninth Article ( The Contract Length) 1. The duration of the contract is for one year starting from the date of the second party residence in the country and can be extended for one year or more according to both parties wishes. 2. In the event that the first party wishes to terminate the contract before turn, the first party must provide a return ticket for the second party, and pay one full months salary. 3. The second party will undertake all travel expenses to home country, if the contract has been terminated by the second party. The Tenth Article ( Conflict Between Two Parties) 1. In the event of conflict between the two parties, both are obligated to undergo mediate the Naturalization and Residency Administration, and if they do not reach a compromise in two weeks, they must undertake the dispute to local or federal courts. 2. Without setting aside the punishment that is mentioned in the entry and residency law, the second party’s rights are null and void if the second party absconds. -END-
August 25, 2016

It is NOT ok to use somebody’s Visit Visa

 It is not OK to use somebody’s visit visa, or to employ a domestic worker on her OWN visa. Its illegal, and can incur fines of […]
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