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How We Protect You



Jobs  Maids – Housekeepers – Nannies
Ethical recruitment & professional matching. Your data is protected by us. Candidates should be available to start a job within the same current month. All experience and references checked (the better they are, the higher salary you will receive). Your passport should be
valid (+12 months)

Verified Families

All families have been visited. Your bedroom, bathroom and facilities have been checked by us. We match your qualifications & experience with families who have specifically requested a worker under
Domestic Workers Classification ( see above).
We provide you with ongoing training
and mentoring.

Let us manage

We assist you in the management of your relationship with the family. We mentor you throughout your job placement. Full training and support is given by native language trainers and mentors. Salaries, passport security, health and safety and welfare protection are guaranteed, with additional call centre support 24/7 and a communications App.
November 2017
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