How We Operate

We Operate Ethically and Fair

We Operate Ethically and Fair


  Candidates are recruited on their merit, educational or experience, and NOT on their ability to pay any fees.

WE follow the highest of protocols as set out by the below mentioned NGO’s.        

Whilst governments may subscribe in theory to the below principles, the ratification, and assurance of compliance management is exceedingly difficult to manage in any growing multi-culturally diverse environment.        

WE act as a supporting bridge between Governments, NGO’s and Civil Society. We ensure effective compliance management, training and development of all domestic workers on an ongoing basis. WE support the relationship between a (sponsoring) family and their foreign domestic worker.

Our ongoing support develops strong effectual placements of the foreign domestic worker, with higher retention in service & educational advancement, which in turn affords happier families both in supply source countries & destination countries. (Stronger remittances helps FDW’s to educate their children or to assist in the buying of land and building homes for their parents) the destination country receives FDW’s who are willing, motivated and happy to work. They are committed to their life in domestic service to to the ethical and fair recruitment & deployment practices & the ongoing support in training and management.

Women Supporting Women

Offering protocols for civil society to follow as a guideline in the effective engagement of all foreign domestic workers supporting:


The Dhaka Principles (
All Migrant Workers are :

1.    Treated equally and without discrimination + Enjoy the protection of the employment law with No Fees being charged for recruitment or placement.
2.    Contracts are clear and transparent
3.    Polices and Procedures are inclusive
4.    No Retention of passports or identity documents
5.    Wages are paid regularly, direct and on time
6.    The right to worker representation is respected
7.    Working conditions are safe and decent
8.    Living conditions are safe and decent
9.    Access to remedy is provided.
10.    Freedom to change employment is respected, and safe timely return is guaranteed.

ILO Convention 189 (
Decent Work for Domestic Workers

ILO Convention 181 (
Protection of Migrant Workers in the Recruitment and Third Party Employment Process


Impact Housekeeping


We believe that every worker can become an amazing Housekeeper or Nanny positively impacting the lives of 2 families. Every foreign domestic worker supports a family and also is working to impact your own.

Social Impact


Matching the right family to a foreign domestic worker means that she is able to consistently send remittances back home to support and educate her next generation, or to assist her  elderly family members with buying land and building a home. As a sponsor of a domestic worker you are empowering a woman who is impacting her family life. That has a massive social impact on society at large.

A Global Reach


We partner with ethical recruitment agencies in the supply source Countries, most of which are run by female HR specialists and not male labor brokers. Just as sponsoring families come from all countries world-wide, so do our candidates. We recruit from
5 continents.
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