3 Recruitment Options

We offer a Fast, Professional and Ethical approach to Recruitment and Candidate Placement.
All our Candidates have been interviewed and vetted by a team of leading HR specialists.
Candidates are categorized as per our Domestic Workers Classification

Candidates are available within the current month of sign up.

Recruitment Fee
AED 15,000
Option 1

Recruitment + Management
+ 12 Months @ AED 500

Option 2

Recruit, Train and Manage
+ 12 Months @ AED 1,100

Option 3

Recruitment Only
No Monthly Fee

Recruitment + Placement
Ethical (No Fees Charged to Candidates)
Deployment from Source Country
HR-Candidates (Professional interviewing and vetting service by a dedicated team – specialists in foreign domestic workers)
Home Visit (Ensuring Domestic Workers Accommodation is standard compliant)
90 Days Guarantee (Candidate Replacement)
90 Days Program (settling in and effective engagement)
Weekly 1 Hour Training & Mentoring (1-1 tuition by a Native language speaker-In your home)
KHDA Certified Course (Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai)
Upskill Setting
Online Training Videos (How to Use-Modern Domestic Appliances)
HR-Monthly Payroll and Salary Guarantee
Compliance Management-Ongoing support and protection for Employer/Employee
Supporting Bridge between Employer/Employee Relationship
HR Management Employer/Employee Labour Rights as per UAE law
HR Management Notifications- renewal of passport/visa/contract /exit pass
HR Management Vacation, Emergency and Sick Leave
New Support Mobile App
24/7 Call Center Support
VIP Services / Value Added Services
Family Liaison Officer @ 550
Airport Collection & Drop Off @ 250
Cultural & Social Club @ 55 per day
Post Arrival – Free
Training @ 550 per course

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Select 3 Candidates and send us an email to hr@housekeepingco.com for interview schedule