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Offering Professional Part Time and Full Time Maids in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Living in the UAE is hectic, fast paced, and stressful. The management behind the Housekeeping Co have over 30 years professional Housekeeping in-service experience, and offer quality compliance management in the everyday running of your home.

Expats are looking to “buy-back“ a little of their time, and to feel supported in their normal day-day lives of running a family home, looking after children, assisting with school runs, after-school clubs and the general support which we as expats would usually rely on in our home countries  from our extended families.

Most expats would typically manage their own homes in their native countries, combined with extra support from close family members, and the services of professional part time maids. The choice is also to utilise a recognised and known professional maid service, or Housekeeping company with higher level service and management than perhaps experienced in the UAE, (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

The concept of hiring a full time live in maid or even a part time live out maid in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is absolutely essential to supporting many families.

Dubai is considered the city of choice for many cleaning workers, live in maids, live out maids, nannies, and aspiring Housekeepers as it offers good salaries to the migrant workers for their service and expertise.

Surprisingly enough, more than 50% of sponsored cleaning workers providing professional service in the UAE are male. Males engaged in domestic service are not classified as maids, but offer quality skills in cleaning services, ironing, gardening, driving, tailoring, cooks, butlers and they all tend to work in families and the hospitality industry looking for a full time live in service. In other parts of the Arab world, there are countries (and specific hospitality sectors) that only engage male cleaning workers full time, to do the jobs which we now consider to be a female business!

There are many cleaning companies offering part time maids services, and a few who specialise in offering the service of a full time maid-nanny-housekeeper. At the Housekeeping CO we recognise the professionalism and differences between a Maid-Nanny and Housekeepers, and offer both full time and part time services to suit all our clients’ demands. We also realise that families can require a combination of both services, and therefore have devised a full time recruitment service offering dedicated Nanny-Housekeeper jobs.

If you are looking for professional full time and part time maids in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, there is one maid agency you can always count on: The Housekeeping Co. LLC. (04-3388747)


As a professional maid agency, The Housekeeping Company offers high levels of accountability of cleaning staff, and compliance management in the delivery of a professional housekeeping services at highly affordable prices.

Our aim is to provide our clients with options that will maximise their time and money. By serving as your single point of contact for any variety of maid service and more, we can make dealing with everyday household chores easier and stress-free. We offer the following variety of options to choose from. Full time house maid to tend to your chores daily, we can provide you with the right personnel. Alternatively, if you are simply looking for a part time house maid to clean your villa or apartment a regular basis, we offer morning and afternoon time slots to suit.

You also have the option to choose between live in maids (Family Sponsored) or a live out maid (Company Sponsored).

Don’t know how to sponsor a maid in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? We can help

We believe strongly in Ethical recruitment, and strive towards eradication of all forms of Human Trafficking. Human Resources is always our greatest asset, and therefore our protocols for the sponsoring process are stringent and in full compliance of (NGO’s) organisations such as International Labour Organisation. If you are unfamiliar with the process of how to sponsor a maid in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, our agency can help.

The Housekeeping Co offers strong ethics and compliance management for families looking to sponsor a maid as a live in maid-nanny or housekeeper.

This is a service that other nanny agencies do not have.

We offer a whole package called the Trainee Housekeeper Program.

This is a Recruit-Train and Manage program for all domestic personnel. There are NO recruitment fees, and we guarantee no placement fee has been charged to the new maid-nanny or housekeeper.

Looking for a house maid in Dubai?.....call the Housekeeping CO to discuss your options (04-33887470), we can find you the right person for the maid job, anywhere in the world.